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Why choose us?

Our mission is to deliver a simpler and more transparent experience to all stakeholders in the procurement process in the Humanitarian sector

Tender Notice Board was founded by a veteran of the humanitarian procurement and logistics landscape. The company now consists of a strong experienced team with expertise in humanitarian emergency operations and long-term development around the globe with UN agencies, INGO’s and Governments.

We aim to improve the way humanitarian organisations and agencies source and negotiate for goods, works and services around the world to maximise the impact of foreign aid and enhance the quality and quantity of assistance to those that need it.

We partner with organisations and agencies to help address their procurement challenges through our technological expertise and operational knowledge of complex humanitarian and development operations and procurement procedures. Our Tender Notice Board is tailored specifically for humanitarian organisations and agencies and their suppliers to support the automation of manual procurement processes.

At Tender Notice Board, we believe the path to equality begins with transparency and accessibility to all business opportunities in the Humanitarian sector and our commitment to make the world a better place.

Our founder & CEO Michael Hasselstroem develops our business vision, ethics and is working on expanding the company’s tech and global footprint. He has 29 years of experience in logistics and procurement businesses and 8 years experience in the procurement and sourcing software space.

Michael has held management roles in logistics and supply chain companies, additional he worked as same in United Nations World Food Programme, Danish Demining Group and Danish Refugee Council. In 2013 he founded and remain CEO of Global eSourcing, a SaaS based global provider of procurement management solution serving organisation in the humanitarian sector. 

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A note from Michael, our founder and CEO

Hi there…

A lot of people ask me why we bothered to build the Tender Notice Board.

There is an overwhelming amount of options out there for finding tender notifications and ways to publish tender notices. So, it’s a fair question. However, the problem was that none of the options were right for me in my work as head of supply chain and procurement in humanitarian organisations working in emergencies and development projects globally. Nor did they work for me as a supplier trying to identify all business opportunities right for my business in the humanitarian sector.

My company were using Google, Yahoo or Bing searching every organisational homepage to find new business opportunities in the humanitarian sector, and we were struggling. Search engines and organisational platforms isn’t built for the humanitarian sector. Finding reliable information and quality business opportunities is complex and time consuming and tracking performance of both was a huge burden. A ton of tender notifications and information was slipping through the cracks. The donors, organisations and governments weren’t happy not getting the response they expected when floating tenders, and neither were we missing them.

So, I looked for a simpler and better solution.

That’s why I started the Tender Notice Board.
We built the Tender Notice Board as a simple tool for the buyer and their suppliers with the features anyone needs and can use, and we left out everything else. No complexity or extra features to confuse and overwhelm you. Just all tender notices in one easy to access platform.

New features are constantly being developed in coordination with suppliers, humanitarian organisations and staff on the ground with the aim at keeping Tender Notice Board free for humanitarians but loaded with features required in day to day procurement operations. We have just integrated an daily email notification service based on newest business opportunities in the humanitarian sector, so you get all relevant information and tender notices daily, directly into your mailbox or on your mobile phone. Simply subscribe and forget it!

I’m proud to say that Tender Notice Board is becoming the platform that I wish existed back when I was looking for reliable suppliers and good quality products and services in many of the worlds emergencies and happy to say that as a supplier, I now have access to the business opportunities out there with a few clicks.

I hope you’ll give the Tender Notice Board a try and realise it is the best business decision you will do this year simply measure by the sheer amount of cost and time saved by your staff identifying business opportunities in the humanitarian sector, a market that often lacks transparency and easy access. I’m confident that it will make your life easier and you’ll love it.

Give it a try, and email me at info@tendernoticeboard.com to let me know what you think and if you have a suggestion to changes or new features you would like to see on the platform in the future.

Michael Hasselstroem
CEO and Founder 

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